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"近年来,中国己跻身于世界上少数几个对陨石开展综合研究的国家,期望在陨石中寻找到更多外星生命痕迹。近两年,因为来源的特殊性,陨石开始被一些人当做珍宝一样收藏起来,坐等升值,数量稀少及市场的追捧是促成陨石收藏价格飙升的重要原因。"In recent years, China has become one of the few countries in the world to conduct comprehensive research on meteorites, expecting to find more traces of extraterrestrial life in meteorites. In the past two years, because of the particularity of the source, meteorite began to be collected as a treasure by some people, waiting for the appreciation, the rare number and the pursuit of the market is an important reason for the meteorite collection price soared.



Meteorites as collectibles are considered not only for their scientific and cultural value, but also for their economic growth value. Scientists say our planet receives 50,000 tons of such "gifts" every day. Most of them burn out 10 to 40 miles above the ground, making them hard to find even on the ground.



They move through the universe, and because they have no other protection, they are directly exposed to radiation and catastrophes from various cosmic rays, and their own radioactive heating cannot cause them to change much. So its own record is sound. It has been studied in a wide range of fields, such as high energy physics, celestial evolution, geochemistry, and the origin of life. The largest preserved iron meteorite in the world is the Hoba iron meteorite in namibia, Africa, which weighs about 60 tons.




This was followed by the Greenland iron meteorite, circa cape 1, which weighed about 33 tons. China's xinjiang iron meteorite, weighing about 28 tons, is the world's third largest iron meteorite. The largest stone meteorite in the world is jilin meteorite, with the total weight of the collected samples of 2,550 kg, jilin 1 meteorite, weighing 1,770 kg, is the largest stone meteorite block collected by mankind. In addition, there is a meteorite called "glass meteorite". It is black or dark green and somewhat like stone, but not stone. It's a little like glass, but it's a very special glassy substance that doesn't crystallize. It comes in a variety of shapes, usually not large, and weighs anywhere from a few grams to a few dozen grams.



In recent years, after mahogany collects heat, jade collects heat, meteorite collects also is rising now. In three or four years, not only the price of glass meteorite soared, the domestic glass meteorite collection market is also taking shape. In the 1990s, only about 200 people were involved in the global meteorite trade, but more than 10,000 are now involved. The growing collection of glass meteorites, combined with their rarity, has seen the global price of glass meteorites rise from a few dollars a pound to the equivalent of a diamond.




At present Europe and the United States and other developed countries meteorite collection and trading market is very mature, some rich good to hide meteorite, and will take this as a symbol of identity. Meteorites trade at high prices on the international market, usually in grams. The distribution of glass meteorites on the earth is completely different from other meteorites. Glass meteorites have certain falling areas on the earth. The glass meteorites in each falling area represent a celestial body falling event. There are two popular hypotheses about the formation of glass meteorites which are the most close to the fact. The most likely scenario is that the glass meteorite is a giant meteorite or comet core that hit the earth, sending molten rock from the earth's surface rapidly cooling out of the crater, according to the latest NASA news. Or glass meteorites are formed from rain of glass falling from space into the earth's atmosphere.



Ms. Yao yaping is the collection manager.







The business scope of Guangdong Wanqing Auction Co., Ltd. is: auction of artworks and collectibles; artworks agency; auction of general articles; trade agency; wholesale of jewelry, artworks and collectibles (excluding ivory products); retail of jewelry; retail of Arts and crafts and collectibles (excluding ivory products); retail of other daily necessities; social and economic consultation (excluding educational consultation service) 。 (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments.) (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can be carried out only after approval of relevant departments). In Guangdong Province, the current registered capital of enterprises is relatively high. All qualifications are complete.





Since its opening, the company has held many large-scale art exhibitions and auctions, with the turnover rate rising year by year. A small auction every month provides a better platform for the circulation of customers' goods. The standard of small-scale auction is that the starting price is mostly the bottomless price, and the transaction price is determined by the market. The small-scale auction held by the company does not need any catalogue fee and any publicity fee, and only pays commission after the transaction. Participation in large-scale auctions requires strict examination and approval before participation.



核心价值观:诚信为本  真不二价



管理理念:规矩方圆   厚德载物


Wanqing group concept

Core values: Based on honesty

Service concept: serve every customer well

Business philosophy: integrity wins the future

Management concept: rules and regulations





Guangdong Wanqing group not only has a strong global promotion strength in the auction fields of ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting, modern Chinese calligraphy and painting, antique treasures, Chinese contemporary art, contemporary ink, ancient books and documents, contemporary crafts and other art works, but also has completed a comprehensive layout in the auction fields of jewelry, watches, pearls and Tibetan Buddhist art, wine and liquor, technology and antiques. It is an enterprise with abundant capital, high-end customer resources and wide business scope.





Solicitation scope:

Porcelain: the five famous kilns of Song Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty are the best;

Jade: high ancient jade, Ming and Qing jade, jadeite, etc;

Calligraphy and painting: ancient calligraphy and painting, modern calligraphy and painting, famous oil painting, ancient books, etc;

Miscellaneous items: Tian Huangshi, chicken blood stone, bronze ware, coins, bamboo and wood ivory carvings, etc.